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Stacey Mendez

Product & Experience Designer

A smiling dark-skinned young woman with long hair wearing a black T-shirt and a green pendant in front of a light background.

About Stacey Mendez

Stacey is a Product & Experience Designer with a focus on designing with end users in mind, and design strategy. She has spoken for Design Calendar, DFM Summit, Women Talk Design, The UX Playbook with plans to speak and share with many others during her professional career.

Although British-born, she is now a global citizen with 13+ years experience living both in Europe & Asia. This experience spans leading and contributing to building design teams, leading design projects, or getting involved in the creation of new physical and/or digital products & experiences. More recently, her career has provided opportunities to contribute on strategic focused design projects, shaping the work, creating the brief/design languages, and work alongside 'visionaries' in start-ups, helping to define 'what to create', a new positioning or value offering.

As part of design membership groups, her interests lie in connecting with open-minded leaders, women in male-dominated teams, or expats & minorities who are figuring out ways to be heard, encourage better teamwork or encourage new ideas and points of view.

Away from the world of design, Stacey is having fun - either boxing training, hiking, salsa dancing, connecting over coffee, or on an adventure exploring a new part of the world.

User experience beyond screens

Designing user experiences is tough. Especially when they go beyond the digital screen. Consider all the challenges involved in designing a holistic experience in simply trying to make something functional, and the interactions that best work for the end user. Then, try to think of all the higher level human needs & issues, the emotional value and how to design for that.

At the end of the day, people buy user experiences and solutions that fit into their lives and aspirations. As the industry evolves, they have to become wider and reflect a broader level of thinking, while also being something people want to use.

Putting together parts of her career experiences working across digital, physical and design strategy, this talk aims to provide the audience with an approach for leading design through these types of projects.