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Seegno is the result of skilled individuals with different backgrounds but a shared vision coming together to build awesome things. Founded in 2008, it remains a lean and focused company, gaining continued business and acknowledgement worldwide and working with a broad range of customers and partners, from startups to large agencies.

Our main drive is to explore innovative ideas and developing Information Solutions, including Mobile, Web and Multiplatform Applications, Systems Integration and Infrastructure implementation. We have experience in such diverse industries as Financial Services, Retail, Real Estate, Cybersecurity and Bioinformatics.

We're constantly looking for people who love their work, like to make a difference and are unafraid to operate at a global scale. We believe in high compensation for high skill and high responsibility, and the opportunity to earn a stake via your work. We stand by our motto: creative, straightforward and personal. Also, our team office has the best view in the city :)

In a nutshell, we craft world class digital products. Drop us a line and let’s do awesome things together!


Tangível is a leading Portuguese consultancy specializing in UX Research and Design. With 100+ global and local brand collaborations since 2004, we provide high-end consultancy and outstaffing services.

Sponsoring UX London will connect your brand with some of the most influential UX experts and organisations in the industry. This is a significant opportunity for companies involved in usability, information architecture or user experience. With such a high concentration of UX practitioners, UX London is also the ideal place to meet new talent.

There are numerous ways to connect with our audience, whatever your company size or budget. Whether you’d like to exhibit, sponsor one of our excellent parties, host a workshop or promote your open job roles on our jobs board, we'll work with your specific objectives to tailor a package that gets results.

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