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Stephen Hay

Creative Director, Rabobank

A professional portrait of a smiling white man in a turtleneck jumper and suit jacket with close-cut dark curly hair that's beginning to show signs of grey.

About Stephen Hay

Stephen Hay is a seasoned Creative Director with over 25 years of experience in web design. He has worked with a wide range of clients, including government organisations and private sector companies, and is currently serving as Creative Director at Rabobank. Stephen's extensive background in visual identity design before transitioning to web design gives him a unique perspective on the intersection of design and development.

Stephen is known for his content-first approach to responsive design and prototyping, which he explores in his book "Responsive Design Workflow." He has conducted training and workshops for design teams at companies worldwide, including Marriott, Skyscanner, Ally Bank, and Zalando.

Stephen has presented at several major industry conferences worldwide, including Fronteers, UXLx, Beyond Tellerrand, and Smashing Conference. He has a passion for sharing his insights on design processes and decision-making.

The lies we tell ourselves about design systems

Design systems come with promises. But sometimes they don't deliver. Our assumptions and expectations about such systems are partly to blame. But there is hope! By recognising design systems for what they are, we can use them more effectively.

  • Understanding how our design systems work within the larger whole.
  • The 6 lies we tell ourselves about design systems.
  • The real purpose of design systems and what should inform their creation and evolution.

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